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What to look for in a
Breast Implant

Believing Is Achieving

Choosing your breast implant is a very important step in your breast surgery journey.Β  Making an educated choice is essential to ensuring you get the beautiful results you're after.

When meeting with your surgeon it is important to make sure that you have access to the most advanced implants available and are comfortable to request your brand of choice. Β Always remember this is your body – this is your journey.

Wide Range of Sizes and Projections:

Motiva has more than 500 implant choices to suit your every need – harmonising with your body and complimenting your shape.


Monobloc High Performance Shell

The Motiva Monobloc High Performance Shell is specially developed to provide outstanding strength – this is essential in ensuring your implant is resilient against rupture, but also is flexible and moves as a natural breast would.


True Tissue Dynamics

Utilising the latest in silicone gel technology, Motiva implants have been designed with the your needsΒ in mind, ensuring a natural look and feel with an 100% filled implant that mimics a natural breast.


Nano Surface

The specially designed Motiva Nano Surface is made using no foreign materials and can drastically reduce your chances of developing inflammation and irritation associated complications.


Q Inside Safety Technology

Ensure that your breast implant has Q Inside Safety Technology for your safety and wellbeing.


Always Confident Warranty

Motiva Breast Implants are covered against rupture by the Always Confident Warranty for the lifetime of the device and the Product Replacement Policy against capsular contracture Baker III and IV for a period of 10 years.Β  You are also able to extend this warranty for added security – click here for more information

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