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Spiran is a boutique brand that encompasses highly innovative products and bespoke breast & body services which are collectively recognized by Australia’s leading Plastic Surgeons as the aspirational brands to associate with.  We have a truly patient and client centric approach; our industry specific and highly experienced team are truly dedicated to inspiring Australian surgeons, support staff and their patients to be the best they can be in life, surgery and business, while achieving their goals through utilizing superior products and highly innovative technologies.

We believe in innovation, inspiration and a truly amazing total customer experience; whether you are a patient, a surgeon or a clinic we aspire to ensure plastic surgeons and their patients have the very best experience, each step of the way, to be the best they can be and feel inspired everyday!

The Motiva Implants® family is comprised of a wide range of round and ergonomic silicone implants with options in gel feel, projection, size and Q Inside Safety Technology™
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Ladies we're here to support you!  Whether you've had a breast procedure of are an active woman, the Z-Bra will give you the support you need (🔝link in bio🔝)
Motiva Implants® SilkSurface® is uniquely  obtained through a controlled process designed for better biocompatability and without the use of foreign materials like salt and sugars. 
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