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Making the choice to have breast surgery can be difficult - especially when you want a natural look and feel. The last thing you need is an implant that looks hard and unnatural ... Motiva have the answer

In The Beginning

Since the dawn of time (…ok slight exaggeration) there have been two main choices in breast implant shapes – round or teardrop.  Both of which have been around for years and over time two main issues arose, regular round implants did not give the natural look and feel that women wanted and teardrop shaped implants often rotated or migrated … the struggle was very REAL.


Innovation & Change

Motiva saw this issue and knew that women deserved something more – an alternative that looked and felt like a natural breast.  Their innovative design team took up the challenge to rethink what a natural breast implant should look like and how it could somehow mimic a natural looking breast.  Using the latest tools and techniques available, the answer came from the skilful application of the principles of Ergonomics and the Motiva Ergonomix™ implant was born!


Motiva Ergonomix™ 

Motiva Ergonomix™ are 100% filled implants that adapt shape after implantation to give the natural look of traditional “anatomical” implants, without the complications associated with rotation and implant hardness.


TrueTissue Technology™

TrueTissue Technology™ is the combination of a specific elastic elastomer shell and the special properties of ProgressiveGel Ultima™.  These two features allow the implant to move with the body’s natural movement.  For Example: When a woman stands up the implants will take on more of a teardrop shape and when she lies down they will look more rounded (as a natural breast would).


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