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Breast Surgery

Believing is Achiving

The decisions you make during your breast surgery journey are so important. Making educated choices is essential to ensuring you get the beautiful results you’re after.

Choosing Your Breast Surgeon

When considering breast surgery we recommend seeing a reputable plastic surgeon who uses techniques and devices which have the best chance of having the lowest short term and long term complications as well as looking and feeling the best. The surgeon needs to have experience with the techniques and products.


Do your homework

The type of clinic and surgeon skill level and experience can vary greatly.  Greater surgeon experience will ensure your surgeon makes better choices with respect to which operation is appropriate for you. The subtle assessments and judgement calls made by an experienced surgeon can lead to very profound differences in outcome, ensuring that you look and feel your best whilst having the lowest risk of complications.

Our Find Your Surgeon page will assist you in finding leading Australian surgeons utilizing the safest and most technologically advanced products and techniques in their practice – delivering you superior results.


Are “cheaper surgeries” or going overseas for surgery worth it?

If you go overseas or have cheaper surgery, it does not necessarily mean that your result will be any different, particularly in the short term.  However, it is likely that if you have cheaper surgery or surgery overseas that there will be a different reduced level of care across the board.  This usually means, surgeons with less experience, techniques that lack attention to detail, breast implants that are cheaper and do not look as good, feel as good and have higher complications.  Different levels of safety intra-operatively and post-operatively and different levels of post-operative care, follow up both early, intermediate and long term.  When you combine all of this together, generally you have an overall experience that will not, on average, be as favorable as going to an experienced plastic surgery domestically.


What You Need to Know When Choosing Your Breast Implants

Why is it important to research which brand of breast implant you choose?

The brand of implant is important because there is such a big range of implants on the market from very cheap to higher end and they are certainly not all the same.  They have different surfaces, different types of gel, different consistencies of gel and therefore different rates of complications; such as rupture, capsular contracture and even lymphoma.  Therefore, when you choose a brand purely based on price, you may be committing yourself to much higher complications down the track.


Why is it worth investing a little more in your implants initially?

If you purchase or invest in an implant that has a lower likelihood of complications, long-term it should be cost efficient.  It will also give you peace of mind as well as a superior look and feel.


What to look for in a breast implant

Choosing your breast implant is a very important step in your breast surgery journey.  Making an educated choice is essential to ensuring you get the beautiful results you’re after.

We believe that it is essential that you have access to the most advanced implants available.  Motiva Breast Implants offer the perfect balance between quality, technology and safety.  True innovation at its best.

Motiva Breast Implants

Motiva Breast Implants offer the perfect balance between quality, technology and safety.

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