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Traditional De-Epithelization Technique

The traditional technique used to de-epithelize the breast is still used in modern breast reduction surgery. To employ this technique, it is frequently necessary to have one or two assistants encircle the base of the breast and apply pressure.

This manual approach has two drawbacks:

  • Even when manual pressure is applied, the breast is often not firm enough.
  • The manual approach requires the full time assistant to apply consistent pressure to the breast.


New Technology – Simplified Technique

Recent technology, developed by Professor Costagliola in Toulouse, has addressed this situation. The MAMMOSTAT is a simple surgical device that helps provide constant pressure for de-epithelization, reducing operating fatigue for both the surgeon and assistant. This device, which has been used with great success in Europe and U.S, is now available in Australia.

MAMMOSTAT is an affordable device that is re-usable and can be sterilised with an autoclave at 135°C or ethylene-oxide.


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