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What is Tickle Lipo.?

The Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture is a variant of the vibro lipo aspiration, technique that was basically invented by Euromi. The Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture, also called N.I.L.®, a patented technique using compressed air in order to drive the tip of the cannula into a 3-dimensional precession movement, called the nutation.


This specific movement will be used to infiltrate as well as to aspirate the fat. As the infiltration is the key point in lipoaspiration, the better the fat is infiltrated, the better the fat is prepared for the aspiration without complications. The nutation will create an emulsion of the fat, which will break up the fatty cells while respecting the tissues (no wrenching). After this step, the emulsified fat can be gently aspirated, while considerably reducing the bleeding, the risks of oedemas and bruises. The aspiration is very selective, much less traumatizing.


Skin retraction

The nutational movement will also stimulate the collagen synthesis, which will tighten the skin post operatively.



The infrasound (low frequency: lower than 20hz) is generated by the nutation beatings and will act as a body anaesthesia on the treated area, which will make the surgery and the recovery more comfortable for the patient.

In contrast to other infiltration techniques, the infrasound affects on the cannula tip result in faster and wider spread of infiltration fluid through the fat tissue (homogeneous infiltration).



The Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture allows :

  • Classical lipoplasties: belly, flank, thigh (internal/external), knees, calves, ankles, back, love handles, buttock, flabby thighs, arms, chin, neck…
  • Special lipoplasties: abdominoplasty, gynaecomasty, fibrous zones, superficial lipo, micro liposuction, breast reduction, sweat gland, body lifting…

The Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture can be performed on men and women, from 18 years old, with any skin type/fat (Caucasian, Asian, African…), and also for 2nd liposuction surgery.


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