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For Doctors

Davies Gold
Series Dermatome


Key Features

  • Small, convenient and light-weight
  • Robust foot control pedal
  • Multi-functional E-Type coupling
  • Easy handling and maintenance
  • Clear LED Display
  • Powerful and adjustable torque with high and low settings
  • Variable speed from 1,000 to 30,000 rpm (Dermatome use at 14,000 to 16,000 rpm)
  • Easily programmable with 3 settings
  • Low maintenance


The Davies TCM 3000 operating motor is manufactured by Nouvag of Switzerland

Multi-Use System

In addition to powering the dermatome, the standard E-Type coupling accepts any E-Type contra angle and hand piece, enabling it to be used for drilling, milling and grinding.

The microprocessor controlled motor system can be used for Dermatology, ENT, Implantology and Surgery.

TCM 3000 Specifications


Dermatome Features

Available in two widths:


  • Simplex at 48mm
  • Duplex at 73mm

Sole Reduction Plates


The sole reduction plates take the:

  • Duplex to 48mm
  • Duplex and Simplex to 23mm

Pre-Setting Cutting Depths


  • 08mm to 0.38mm in 0.05mm increments
  • 003″ to 0.015″ in 0.002″ increments

Accurate and Consistent Cutting Performance

The Davies Gold Series Dermatomes have accurate and consistent cutting performance when used with the Davies Feather made precision blades.

Fully Autoclavable

  • Both Duplex, Simplex and Cable are autoclavable to 134ºC
  • Also approved for STERRAD Sterilisation

Long Shelf Life

  • Durable with life spans of 10-12 years

Key Benefits

Light-weight for Easy Handling

Weighing in at only 432g including the motor, the Davies Dermatome produces clean uniform skin grafts while reducing operator fatigue and maximising manoeuvrability.

Highly Cost Effective

The Davies Dermatome combines a high quality, robust design with both low acquisition and running costs, making it a highly cost effective option for both hospital and private clinic use.

Practical and Flexible

The fully autoclavable, detachable motor unit can also be used to drive other E coupling devices,  making the unit highly flexible in theatre.


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