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Welcome to the Motiva Family! We want to support you in every step of your patient journey and give you the utmost confidence in your decision to choose Motiva Implants®.

Motiva Always Confident Warranty

All Motiva Breast Implants are covered by the Motiva Always Confident Warranty® against rupture, for the lifetime of the device, and by the Motiva Product Replacement Policy in the event of capsular contracture Baker grades III and IV, for a period of 10 years.  Patients will need to register their implants through the Motiva Website or Motiva App to activate their warranty.


Extended 5 Year Warranty Program

For Motiva Implants™ with Q Inside Safety Technology™, with the 5Y Motiva Program™ –  in addition to the replacement product you may also receive up to $2,500 of financial assistance for each affected Implant, applicable to the cost of the revision surgery in the case of a warranty claim for rupture or capsular contracture grades III and IV.*


How to get the Extended Warranty Program

Additional Cost

To extend the coverage described through the 5Y Motiva Program™, during the first 90 days after the initial breast surgery patients may choose additional warranty coverage for a total of 5 years at a cost of $200.

Enrolment is Easy

Enrolment is easy.  Patients must register their Motiva Implants through the Motiva website or through the Motiva App.  Take advantage today of the most advanced breast implant extended warranty program for Motiva Implants™ available in the market worldwide!


Register Your Implants

Patients must register their Motiva Implants through the Motiva website or through the Motiva App to activate their warranty

Implant Registration Links

As a Patient
As a Doctor
As a Clinic


Learn More

To learn more about the terms of the Motiva warranties click on the links below:

Always Confident Warranty®
Product Replacement Policy Program
Extended Warranty Program

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