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About Tickle Lipo

Tickle Lipo is the very latest in fat removal and body sculpting. The advanced technology used by the Tickle Lipo system was developed in Europe and is TGA and FDA approved.

Experienced by thousands of patients around the world, Tickle Lipo quickly got its name due to the tickling sensation experienced during the procedure. Patients undergoing the surgical procedure expected pain and then in fact were giggling the whole time. Most experience this side effect from the vibration of the liposuction cannula. The vibration and movement of the cannula with TICKLE LIPO acts as a pain blocker in the same way that scratching relieves an itch.

Patient Benefits:

The movement of the Tickle Lipo vibrating cannula not only acts as a pain blocker, but also enables it to glide through fatty tissue easily, delivering better body sculpting, more fat removal, less surgery time, less bruising and less recovery time.

Less Painful

Tickle Lipo’s infrasonic vibration blocks your body’s pain receptors which suppresses or blocks pain entirely and feels like you are being tickled.

Faster Recovery

The unique triple movement cannula removes fat without causing trauma to the rest of your body so life is back to normal in days, not weeks.

Less Bruising, Less Swelling

Body fat is gently removed using a special cannula that does not burn or cut

and stops when non-fatty tissue is touched, reducing trauma and improving body sculpting.

Even Skin Tightening and Toning

The delicate tissues under the skin are preserved while the unwanted fat is removed, which results in flat, smooth skin and a sculpted body.

Treat Any Zone On Your Body

Remove stubborn fat from one or more areas at the same time, including difficult or delicate spots which require extra special care.

Precise Body Contouring

The body is sculpted with precision to the desired shape and size, removing all types of fat, including tough and stubborn fat, more effectively.


TICKLE LIPO does not generate heat and has a safety feature which shuts off the system if delicate tissue is encountered. The gentle method used to break up the fatty tissue ensures minimal damage to the fat and surrounding tissue. This leaves healthy tissue in place for flat, smooth skin.

Before Your Procedure

Before the procedure you will discuss with your doctor the problem areas you would like to have treated. Your doctor will go through any of your current medical history and any pre-existing conditions – he will also explain the risks of surgery and assess your pain tolerance to ensure you are comfortable throughout the procedure.

Patient Experiences

“I don’t shy away from mirrors when I walk through the house anymore!”

I gave birth to twins at 41.  And no matter what you do, there’s that area that’s hard to get rid of.  It got me really depressed and self-conscious.

I saw Tickle and it was not invasive like the scary [other] things I saw online, and it was very cost-effective for me to fit my budget.  No downtime – so I didn’t have to worry about missing any work.

The immediate results, my husband was like, “Wow! You can totally tell a difference.  It’s just night and day.”  And one month after, oh my gosh, I always have a smile on my face.

– Tina

“I wanted my body to resemble my lifestyle, now it’s actually fun to shop!”

I dieted, and it was very regimented.  I exercised everyday.  I actually spent too much time working out and exercising, but my body did not reflect that.  I’m very thankful for Tickle Lipo because it changed my life.

I can wear normal clothes now!  I’ve always had a difficult time fitting into normal clothes, especially with my arms.  Now, it’s way easier to shop, and I can wear nice clothes!”

– Tana

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When choosing the type of implant, you must take into account several factors to obtain your desired result.
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