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Benefits of Motiva Ergonomix™: Natural Movement

Believing Is Achieving

ProgressiveGel Ultima™ and True Tissue Dynamics™ Technology allow Motiva Ergonomix™ to hold the desired silhouette of traditional anatomical implants while responding to movement and gravity like a natural breast.

ProgressiveGel Ultima™

High-cohesivity & low-viscosity gel with super-high elasticity for the most natural look and feel


100% Silicone Gel–Filled

Designed to prevent rippling


TrueTissue Dynamics™ Technology

Combines the elasticity of ProgressiveGel Ultima™ and a silicone elastomer shell for natural implant behavior post implantation


Fewer Complications

Motiva SilkSurface® with NanoSurface Technology™ is engineered to optimize biocompatibility and help eliminate the abrasion problems of traditional crystal texturing.

  • Salt and sugar-free texturing process creates 360º surface consistency with average of 49,000 contact points3 of ~13 μm/cm2
  • Resulting surface lacks large cavities that have been associated with late seromas and double capsules


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